Tour 2010: Epilogue


Where are we now?
I believed you
When you told me
It’d be different
This time around.
And I took you back
Despite a lingering
If you’d pull
The same old tricks
You did before.

We made it
To the end,
And I’m wishing
You could stay.
We’ve got
Comfortable together
Just like the old days
Before you –
But never mind that now.
What matters
Is that you’re mine again.

And I
Will wait for you.

2 thoughts on “Tour 2010: Epilogue

  1. Oh, my…we’re at the Epilogue already which means I’m terribly behind in my reading…just hate when my schedule interfers with my reading….I shall catch up somehow…do love what and how you write. Cheers!

  2. Hi there – great to hear from you. I need to catch up with my reading over at yours, too; this whole Tour thing has taken up WAY too much time! But it’s been a great project, and a fantastic event.

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