Goodbye, Granny

Today was my grandmother’s funeral. She died last week aged nearly 95, having spent her last years in various hospitals and care homes. Her difficult childhood marked her for life, and none of us, including my father and his brother, were really close to her. I read a prose piece at the service: with the benefit of a few hours’ reflection, I’ve now come up with a poem. Goodbye, Granny, and Godspeed.


A strange farewell
To one already gone
Ten years: done
With this world, yet
Not quite ready for the next
Until you slipped
Out of your endless evening
Into patient Night
With your lifelong lack of fuss.

Sadly, there are no tears:
Your long years
Lived in silence and self-restraint
Leave a dry, uncertain sorrow.

So we few family,
And fewer friends,
Part from you today
Correctly, cordially
And with affection
But really none the wiser;
Much as we ever did.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Granny

  1. This is another fine poem…it is sad when those who afforded us the opportunities we have now are so unknow to us…so much history and beauty is lost….thanks for sharing your comments and poem.

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