Doesn’t feel much like May; the temperature’s about 10 degrees below the seasonal average thanks to Arctic winds that have been with us for the last week or so. Like all cyclists, I’m intimate with the wind; its strength, direction and origin all have a direct influence on my riding. A headwind levels out descents, makes flat roads into hills and turns hills into mountains. That granny ring is going to see some use today.


Nine times out of ten
This wouldn’t even count
As a hill.

But today
This mere raised eyebrow in the road
Is my own private
Alpe d’Huez;

The whole
North Pole
Whipped into wind
And screaming south

Meets me
Sets my wheels in wet cement,
And slips the weight of the world
In my back pocket.

3 thoughts on “Headwind

  1. I’ve just found this on the WordPress tag summary. It has some beautiful images, is charming, and seems to allude to far more than mere cycling (although perhaps you would object to ‘mere’ cycling … ). I like the other poems too. Congratulations!

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